Terri Walton

My name is Terri Walton & I was born and raised in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming by two supportive and wonderful parents who always encouraged me to be creative.

I suppose I've always known I was going to be an artist since I was pretty young, but in the last several years I have had more time to create! I love to use acrylic paints & colored pencil. I am not much of an idle sitter, so you will rarely find me without some type of art in front of me if I am at home. Whimsical animals are truly my love, hence my business name Terri Walton Whimsical Art. My all time favorite animal to paint is a chicken, with cows coming in a close second.

In the past I have designed coloring books with all custom drawings, along with hundreds of original art paintings, and am now branching out to have my art printed on items, like towels, mugs, stickers and so much more! I tend to have a very busy mind, and I typically have the next painting idea in my head about a quarter way into my current project.

My husband Nick and I raised a blended family of 5 kids ( this is not for the weak). We are now blessed with multiple grandchildren and bonus grandchildren (which is our reward for raising those five kids ). We make our home in Sheridan, with our two kitties- Memphis & Rigby.

Nick and I co-own a store in Sheridan called Red Shed Redos Picket Fence which features 30+ artists, hand made items and vintage inspired vendors. We have also been putting on the Behind the Picket Fence Market twice a year in Sheridan for over 10 years now! You can find my art locally at Red Shed Redos Picket Fence or on our NEW Website! Red Shed Redos Artistry!

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